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Terms & Conditions

Please note that our Terms & Conditions vary depending on the type of product that you are purchasing. (Original Artwork, Art Print or Tattoo Permits). For terms and conditions related to ART PRINTS & TATTOO PERMITS, please visit this page . 

By accessing the Site you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions: 

  • Copyrights on all artworks shown on this website belongs to Isabelle Feliu.

  • All images remain the property of Isabelle Feliu and no form of reproduction for private use, commercial sales or non-commercial distribution is permitted. 

  • purchasing an original illustration, an art print or a tattoo permit doesn’t allow you to use it for commercial, promotional purposes, or exploit it in any way other than for personal use. If you wish to purchase a license for an artwork, please contact Isabelle Feliu with details about your project.

  • Isabelle Feliu will not pass on high resolution artwork files electronically.

  • You agree that you will only use the Site in a manner that is consistent with these terms and conditions and in such a way as to ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

  • You are free to use the links to other web sites or resources that we, or our partners, may provide on the site from time to time provided that we cannot accept responsibility for these, neither can we be deemed to have endorsed their content.

  • While we take reasonable steps to prevent the introduction of viruses, we cannot warrant that our site, or others to which we give access, is free of viruses.

  • These terms and conditions may be amended and/or be extended to include other conditions applicable to specific products or services offered on the Site from time to time and shall continue to be binding on you provided that any such changes 





All original artworks orders are processed by Isabelle Feliu personally and sent from Oslo, Norway.



If you wish to cancel your original order, please contact Isabelle Feliu within one hour after placing your order. We may not be able to cancel the order after this delay. 



For all orders within Norway, please allow 5 business days for delivery. An email will be sent to you as soon as your order is shipped, which should be within 72 hours. In the case where we are unable to post the orders within 72 hours, the delay will be mentioned on the website or you will be contacted by email.



For all international orders, please allow 10 to 30 business days for delivery. An email will be sent to you as soon as your order is shipped, which should be within 72 hours. In the case where we are unable to post the orders within 72 hours, the delay will be mentioned on my website or you will be contacted by email.



As all original artwork is unique, it is impossible for Isabelle Feliu to replace it in the unlikely event that it arrives at destination damaged. We pack all originals with care to assure that this doesn’t happen, however, if it does, please contact Isabelle Feliu within 10 days with clear pictures of the damage.

We assess all damages on a case-by-case basis and we may proceed to a refund or an exchange depending on the situation. We are not responsible for any shipping costs if the artwork needs to be sent back. 



Whilst every care is taken when shipping originals artworks, post sometimes gets lost or delayed. If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Isabelle Feliu. We will try our best to locate your order. 



We are not responsible for an order's failed delivery due to a wrong/ invalid address or any other inaccurate information given by you, or a lack of presenting yourself to claim the package after receiving notice.

In this case, we can ship back the parcel once it is returned if requested, but additional shipping fees will be charged separately to the client. If it is unclaimed for, The original painting will be refunded if it is returned in perfect condition, but shipping fees and transfer fees will be deducted. 



An art tax of 5% is included on every original artwork’s price that is above 2000 NOK. You can learn more about the Norwegian art tax here.



Customs duties and taxes are charged upon delivery.  We do not have any control on eventual additional charges that may occur once the package has reached its destination. Please note that we do not offer any refund on these fees.

Please note that Isabelle Feliu is not personally able to give informations about the tax rules of every country. Please contact your local post office if you wish to know more about these fees before you place an order on this website. Let them know that you are planning on purchasing original art, as tax rules on art may differ according to countries. 



  • We deal with every return on a case-by-case basis. If the original artwork that you ordered doesn’t meet your expectations, you must contact Isabelle Feliu within 10 days of receiving it so we can discuss how to rectify the issues.

  • We try to display all originals as faithfully as possible on the product pictures. Please look at them carefully before placing your order. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, we will refund it once it has been returned. Again, please contact Isabelle Feliu within 10 days to inform us of your decision.

  • You have 30 days to ship back the unwanted item, including the 10 days period mentioned above

  • You must return the artwork in its original condition, so please pack it with care. If the item is damaged upon return, we reserve the right to deduct the loss of value from the refund of the Item.

  • Due to their high cost, we do not refund shipping fees, transfer fees from PayPal/Stripe and material costs. Please note that these fees are higher than what we charge for shipping (up to 2000 NOK depending on the order/location) These costs are non-recoverable and would therefore represent a significant loss for a small business. 

  • Unless agreed differently, returns post fees are your responsibility and we will not be held responsible for lost or damaged return items.

  • If the Item is returned from abroad (outside of Norway) please mention “return goods” on the import declaration to avoid fees.

Tattoo permit terms & Conditions
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