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Hi! I am Isabelle Feliu, an illustrator and painter from Québec city based in Oslo. I have a background in fashion design and merchandising, but started illustrating full time five years ago when I first moved to Norway. I work with traditional mediums and am inspired by the world of design, fashion, nature and travel but also by my personal moods and thoughts.


My experience revolves around editorial illustration, branding, stationery, clothing patterns, prints and I am interested in diverse kind of illustration projects. I also focus on personal work that you can shop both as prints and original paintings. Don’t hesitate in contacting me if you wish to collaborate!

Articles & Interviews


Condé Nast Traveller Spain - 27/05/20 (Spanish)

Ruth and the Beautiful Makers - 05/04/20 (English)

Bed Threads - 01/04/20 (English)

By Rogue - 24/03/20 (English)

The Baram House - 03/02/20 (English)

La Presse - 16/02/19 (French)

Tory Burch - 29/10/18 (English)

Scandinavia Standard - 12/07/18 (English)

Wix - 28/05/18 (English)

Picame - 02/05/18 (Italian)

In/Out by Arent&Pyke - 20/12/2017 (English)

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