Marie Claire France

(From 2017 to present) For the two past years I have been illustrating Marie-Claire France's horoscope Monthly, together with their annual horoscope feature at the beginning of each year. You can shop some of these illustrations as prints and originals. 

Here are a few of my favorites 🔮

Gemini, January 2018 annual horoscope feature

Cancer, July 2018 issue, Monthly horoscope

Leo, August 2018 issue, annual horoscope feature

Virgo, February 2019 issue, annual horoscope feature

Virgo, September 2018 issue, Monthly horoscope

Libra, October 2018 issue, Monthly horoscope

Scorpio, November 2018 issue, Monthly horoscope

Scorpio, November 2019 issue, Monthly horoscope

Capricorn, February 2019 issue, annual horoscope feature