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High Spirits
by Sam de Teran

(2023) High Spirits is a cocktail recipe book drawing inspiration primarily from the enchanting ambiance of Barbados' Cobblers Cove hotel.


The book categorizes cocktails based on the time of day, presenting an array of recipes meticulously curated for simplicity. Each page is illustrated encapsulate the cocktail's mood—showcasing chic characters, idyllic landscapes, and amiable animals.


The illustrations are showcased on my website, where a curated selection of originals and a dedicated print collection can be purchased. 


High Spirits is available across various online platforms, ensuring accessibility based on your geographical location. 

Process High Spirits
Amaretto Sour
The Debutant and the Duchess
High Spirits page flip
The Cocktail Hour process
High Spirits cover
High Spirit signing
High Spirits Illustrations
High Spirit binding
Caipirinha process
The Cocktail Hour
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